Friday, December 9, 2011

Fun in Brighton

This morning we had tea at the Mock Turtle tea room. Delicious scones and cakes, and we tried a little tasseomancy (tea leaf reading) when we forgot to use the strainer.
Then we wandered around Brighton and saw the Pavilion- absolutely amazing! It was stunning on the inside, but we couldn't take pictures, so we just bought some postcards.
We had a picnic on the beach with superior views of the old pier and the Brighton Eye. It was cold, but not nearly as windy as yesterday. The beach is entirely made up of rocks and pebbles. I found two with holes all the way through, meaning good luck was coming.We had dinner at a special Regency restaurant set up in a tent next to the pavilion. Then we went ice skating, and my good luck came true when I went around the rink twice without falling down (holding on to the railing the whole time, of course). It was wonderful fun, and skating under an almost full moon beside the Brighton pavilion was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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