Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fun in London

We started our day today by hunting out a couple of fabric stores. We were looking for trims for our top hats, but found lovely Indian shawls instead. On our way, we passed a church with some Storm Troopers outside (we didn't understand, but were amused). We took the tube to get around, and at one point, our carriage was empty except for us and a pigeon.
We hunted out the tea museum I have been wanting to visit for years, but the address was a shop selling toilets. How disappointing!Nearby was Shakespeare's Globe. We saw a huge group of school children about to start a tour, so we moved on.
After walking across the Millenium Bridge, we saw St. Paul's, with the Occupy London campground in front.We went to Fortnum and Mason's to see the window displays, and checked out the little outdoor market at St. James' church. Then we went to Trafalgar Square, where we bought tickets for a holiday concert at St. Martin in the Fields for tomorrow night. After a quick look around Covent Garden, where we had yummy bowls of soup at a little cafe with a lady performing opera outside, we were tired and headed back to our hotel. Even with the tube, our feet hurt! Good thing we're taking the train to Oxford tomorrow.

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