Sunday, December 18, 2011

Glorious Paris

We started this morning by climbing to the top of Notre Dame. Over 400 steps straight up, with only two chances to pause on the way. By the top we were panting and our legs felt like jelly, but the city spread out before us was beautiful and we got a gargoyle's view of Paris.Next we went to a giant outdoor flea market which was interesting but not very picturesque (hence no pictures of it). But then we went to Pere Lachaise cemetery, which is possibly the most picturesque place in the world, and consequently my very favorite place. It is beautiful this time of year, with all the bare branches leaning over the tombs. One had a giant bunch of mistletoe hanging over it (but not Oscar Wilde's unfortunately, as that is the one everybody kisses). I could wander around Pere Lachaise for days, but eventually we left and went to have tea at Mariage Freres in a beautiful tearoom which huge potted palms and bouquets of birds of paradise. It looked like somewhere that Hercule Poirot would go for tea. After that, we went to another outdoor market, where they didn't have any jackets or shoes in our sizes, which is probably a good thing because we would have had a hard time fitting them in our luggage!

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